Once the sale is complete we will assist you in deciding how to move forward with items that were not sold.  We have a listing of charities that will pick up the items and provide you with tax receipts.  We also have information on other professional companies that will come in and clear out the home out.  These companies have provided services for our clients in the past and are trusted by us.

You will be provided with a categorized listing of each item sold.  This listing will be mailed to you along with your check of sale proceeds.

Your home is important to us.  We use covered tables, shelving and racks to display the items.  This allows us to show your items while protecting the integrity of the home itself.  During staging we oftentimes find rooms or closets that are not suitable for displaying items due to potential damage to the home.  We block those areas off to ensure your home is in exactly the same condition that you trusted us with it. 

Advertising is the final phase during the presale.  We photograph / video every item in the home to allow potential buyers what is being offered before the sale ever begins.  This is where the interest is generated that results in sales.  We utilize print, internet, social media and road signage to advertise your sale.  Since we have demonstrated that we are a Professional Estate Sale Service Provider we have developed a tremendous following with an extensive email list.  Those individuals on our list get an email reminding them of the sale dates, times and location.       

After The Sale

Tag Sales typically begin on Friday and continue through Sunday afternoon.  The sales are managed by our professionally trained staff.  Our staff welcomes buyers to the sale, assist them in getting items to the checkout, wrapping and packaging items and assisting them with loading of large items.

We consider the presale and staging phase to be most important.  Our experience has proven that items which are clean, appropriately displayed, tagged with a description and price helps the customers make quick buying decisions.  Our knowledge and ability to research your belongings ensures that we are placing a fair market value on each item which in turn results in positive sale earnings.  


Presale / Staging

During the consultation we will go over our services, discuss the items to be sold, explain our contract and determine potential dates for your sale.  The contract can be finalized during the consultation or left for you to review and discuss.   

The Tag Sale

"Providing Caring and Professional Services For Your Family" 

Client Information

All of our services begin with a free consultation.

This allows us the opportunity to evaluate your specific situation and recommend the best sale type.

  • Three Day In Home Tag Sale  - Most common sale type.

  • Two Day In Home Tag Sale     - Determined by number of items to be sold.

  • Internet / Online Sale               - When In Home Sales are not an option.

Our services are based solely on a commission of items sold during the sale.  As our clients you will never have out of pocket expenses.   There are a few recommendations that we have for Clients / Potential Clients prior to the initial consultation.

  1. In the event that the property is vacant, maintain a constant temperature inside the home.  Do not completely turn the heat or air off.  The fluctuation of temperature can cause damage to the items in the home as well as the structure itself.
  2. Family members should decide what items will be kept and what items will be sold.  It is better if those items are removed prior to the consultation however, we understand the difficult task at hand and can work around that.  If they are not able to be moved before the consultation we suggest using a piece of painters tape to identify the item as not for sale.
  3. Items such as personal documents, opened food, frozen food, refrigerated items, mail, severely soiled items, medicines, etc... should be removed. 

  4. Do Not Throw Anything Else Out!  Having provided these services for many years, we understand that individuals will purchase most anything.  We have sold everything from rusted trash cans to luxury cars and boats.​  Items that you consider trash or junk may very well be an item that can potentially be sold.  Other than the above items keep most everything else in the home.  These items can result in a more successful sale.